Focuscope Bid Policy

This bid is based on the above specs and two weeks to recruit (unless otherwise specified by your project manager).  If any changes are made once this bid has been agreed upon, Focuscope reserves the right to re-visit the costs and make any necessary changes.  These changes include, but are not limited to, methodology, recruitment specs and/or length of time leading up to the dates of research. 


Incentive payment is due one week prior to the study date. 

First time clients will be invoiced for 100% of the incentives and 50% of the room rental and recruiting costs.

All invoices will be due net 45 days.  If payment is not received within 60 days, a 10% surcharge will be added to the final bill.

Cancellation/Postponement Policy

If a project is cancelled once Focuscope has received confirmation, we will bill in full for the room rental.  Any completed recruits will also be billed in full.  If the room can be re-booked, the room rental fee may be discounted to 50%.

If a project is postponed once it has been confirmed, we will bill 50% of the room rental unless we can re-book the room.

Arrival and Departure Time

Our facility is available to clients 90 minutes prior to start time and 1 hour after the conclusion of the last group.  If you need to arrive earlier or stay later, please make arrangements with your project manager prior to the date of research.  Each additional hour will be charged at $100 per hour.