Behind Every Small Business is a Family

Our company, Focuscope,  was started by our founder, Ann, at her kitchen table back in 1980. Ann had an extraordinary gift. It allowed her to talk and connect with anyone. Ann’s first projects were standing on busy corners in downtown Chicago handing out free samples. She even recruited a few of her good friends and sisters to hand out samples. 

As her business grew, so did her setup. She moved from the kitchen table to the back porch of her suburban Chicago home. Ann had a special red phone. It was the work phone and only Ann was allowed to answer the red phone. We can’t even describe how large the answering machine was. In 1984, the business was growing and needed rooms for Focus Groups. It was at that time Focuscope moved to its first location, Scoville Square in Oak Park, IL. 

Over forty years later, a couple of new offices, and a few grandchildren later, Focuscope is proud to still call itself a Family Business. We look forward to the exciting years ahead and thank you for your support of our family business.