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Focuscope appreciates the benefits of the original type of market research that propelled our industry to what it is today. We understand the amount of work needed to make focus groups and interviewing an integral part of all projects. We recognize the importance of focus groups and their ability to build on each participant’s ideas and comments. Our entire staff provides our clients with the necessary support needed to achieve a successful focus group—regardless of the steps needed to get there.


With over 25 years of recruiting experience, our team of project managers oversees every step of the project to meet and exceed your needs in a timely and professional manner. With a community ranging from general consumers to the medical sector, there is no project we can’t tackle. All of our recruitment is strictly supervised and completed in-house.

telephone pre-recruits

Focuscope specializes in telephone recruits.  Using telephone recruits is one of the best tools available for conducting accurate and cost-effective research projects. Each project is assigned a dedicated project manager who is the main point of contact.  All of our projects are handled in-house. Our growing in-house database covers nationwide and will supply you with the results you are looking for. When needed, we can achieve successful results with your self-supplied database sample.

nationwide recruiting

Our community covers every state and with strong partners across the US, we have the tools and resources needed to complete your nationwide project, regardless of the location. We stay up to date with trends with online, telephone or online focus groups to ensure your project needs are met.

online recruiting

People are busy and time is a rare commodity.  At Focuscope, our business, professional, technical and consumer databases represent all major areas in the Chicago metro, suburban and surrounding areas as well as nationwide—providing exactly what is needed to complete the online recruitment for your next project. We don’t turn to Craigslist to find bodies to fill your project; we work with our existing respondents to make your projects successful.

ethnographic recruiting

Our team has in-depth geographic and demographic knowledge of markets across the country allowing us to find accurate locations and efficient itineraries for your projects. We have conducted projects in respondents’ homes, at their work, where they shop and many other unique locations.


field management

Let Focuscope be your one-stop shop for your research needs.  We set up the facilities, manage the recruiting and interviewing processes, provide you with daily progress reports and oversee every detail your study requires, no matter how many different markets you are in. Regardless if your project is in Chicago, our team is a leader in managing your project.  

personal interview

Whether you seek to research consumers or interview professionals, Focuscope’s recruiting staff has the most updated resources to meet your needs. We recruit for the general population and are known for accomplishing the more challenging projects. We will work with you to provide the tools needed to better understand the underlying motivations, beliefs, attitudes and feelings of your respondents. We work with clients and respondents to set up an effective and efficient schedule that will accomplish the goals of the project.

mock juries

Our facilities range in size with seating to accommodate up to 50 jurors. All rooms have state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment and include breakout rooms with one-way mirrors for jury deliberations. Full translation services are available. We also offer a comprehensive database to obtain the sample needed to achieve project success.

on-site interviewing

Our trained team of interviewers has the knowledge and experience to complete your on-site intercepts.  Ranging from stores to airports, we have the experience and professionalism to meet your team’s standards. Trained with either paper, pencil or tablet interviews there isn’t a project we can’t tackle.

taste tests

Both of our facilities has spacious, state-of-the-art kitchens to conduct taste tests of any variety or size. We have fully trained food service personnel and secure kitchens assigned only to your study. Our highly skilled team is experienced in the administration of focus groups for food and beverage testing. Confidentiality and test protocols are followed from the beginning to the completion of the project ensuring every detail are given our full attention.

additional services

Technology is always changing the way market research is conducted. Focuscope appreciates the challenges of a new project conducted in ways and formats not commonly used. Contact us for all your market research projects; we look forward to the adventure.