Advantages of Market Research for a Company

Market research often plays an important role when developing a company’s market strategy as it allows a company to gain more insight on their target market and learn more about their consumers’ opinions and perspectives. This additional information can be used to make more educated decisions regarding marketing challenges and also determine a company’s possible …

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Behind Every Small Business is a Family

Our company, Focuscope,  was started by our founder, Ann, at her kitchen table back in 1980. Ann had an extraordinary gift. It allowed her to talk and connect with anyone. Ann’s first projects were standing on busy corners in downtown Chicago handing out free samples. She even recruited a few of her good friends and …

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Bold Insight & Focuscope Partnership

Bold Insight and Focuscope partner to deliver user research insights safely and seamlessly in flexible, state-of-the-art facilities throughout the Chicago area February 1, 2021 Bold Insight, a user experience (UX) and human factors (HF) research agency, and Focuscope, a market research firm, announced a partnership to better support organizations conducting user research in Chicago. This …

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