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Introducing revēle


Faster & cheaper than traditional ways of getting learnings, revēle allows for more ideas to be evaluated and to capture consumers in real time. Quickly test a new idea or dive deeper and have consumer answer questions via text, video or photos. With revēle, the speed and lower cost allows you to capture more information directly from a consumers

Quick Feedback

Have a new concept or logo you want to test on a large scale? With a loaded database of consumers eager to provide feedback and receive incentives, revēle looks to provide industry- leading turnaround on concepts and research.

Pre Group Activities

Now have consumers complete a group pre task, take photos at a store or give a tour of their kitchen. With video and photo features consumers can quickly and easily complete a task with out having to download to a platform.

Once videos are completed they are instantly downloaded to a secure server. All data is then pulled before your interviews or groups to give

richer information before their groups.

Self Guided Tasks

Send consumers on a shopping trip or tour their kitchen pantry- with revēle we can send them on self guided shopping exercises or show us how they use your product to cook.

Learn from a large number of consumers quickly and in a cost effective way.

To learn more on how revēle can better your research experience with Focuscope please email Brian Love at

Introducing revēle

For Consumers:

Finally, a mobile application that allows you to get paid for your initial opinions on-the-go through a fun mobile experience. Trusted and partnered with Focuscope, consumers can be confident in the services and opportunities they have become accustomed to over the past 30 years. With revēle gone are the days of weighted dollars or points, know exactly how much money you have earned and apply it towards great incentives like coffee, music and cash!


Dave H

Easy Money Great and easy way to earn money from my phone. Thanks for making it so easy and earn real money not points!

Laura G

Great app Easy and quick money earned from surveys. No hassle, and really convenient. I love this app.


Simple, easy to use format for completing surveys on a mobile device. Looking forward to more surveys.

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